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ACEX lifehacks. How to Send Railway Carriage, Road Trains and Other Cargo by Sea?

Let's consider three situations:

1. Company A signed a contract for the supply of 1000 t. of grain to Algeria; the cargo is located in Rostov-on-Don.
2. Company B plans to send batch tractors ‘’Belarus’’ to Vietnam.
3. Company C must organize the delivery of oversized cargo (60-meter rails) from Novokuznetsk to Germany.

Company A

Let's start with an easy one. Port of Novorossiysk will offer its services to company A. The port forwarder or the sender can organize delivery from Rostov. Next Steps - transshipment of grain in a container, fumigation, registration of phytosanitary certificates and delivery to the port of Algeria - is the area of the sea carrier liability. The location of all ports in Russia is due to geographical features and historically established trade flows. The port of Novorossiysk is logically connected with the agricultural regions of the South. The share of agricultural is 6% of the turnover. The main volume accounted for bulk (mainly oil and oil products) and general (metal and wood) goods, a little less bulk and container.
Among the main directions of shipments from the port of Novorossiysk are Ukraine, Turkey, the countries of Southern Europe and North Africa (for example, Algeria). ACEX in Novorossiysk has its own terminal for cereals and vegetables, as well as the experience of sending goods for export to the countries of Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Company B

What is the convenience of sending self-propelled vehicles by sea? They can go on board the ship on their own, of course if there is a Ro-Ro terminal. Paldiski in Estonia is the nearest port to the manufacturer of tractors "Belarus". It's origin port for cargo which is sent through the major European ports around the world, and to South-East Asia, too. Company B may consider sending through the port of St. Petersburg (there is also a Ro-Ro terminal), but if the shoulder of land delivery increases the total transportation costs increase too. ACEX in Estonia uses capabilities of Paldiski in its projects for the transport of construction equipment. ACEX St. Petersburg sent a tower crane to the port of Ashdod, recently.

Company C

Oversized cargo is traditionally sent by sea. In the countries of Scandinavia and Western Europe, most shipments go through the ports of the Baltic Sea, so consider their options. Company С has an extra-long cargo; it may be transported on a special platform, only. Overloading is impossible - thin metal rods may bend. The task has become harder - it is necessary to send a train with a valuable cargo by sea. Ferry line Ust-Luga - Baltiysk - Sassnitz (Germany) - Klaipeda (Lithuania) is the best way. Modern ferry vessels can accommodate from 50 to 115 wagons or from 85 to 160 road trains, with combined loading - 40 wagons and 40 trucks, for example. Such sending is cheaper than overland transit across several borders and payment of fees for comparable delivery terms.
Examples of real shipments have clearly demonstrated that any cargo can be sent by sea but there are a number of features:


1. Good possibility to transport large volumes of various cargoes (powdered products, bulk, general) to thousands of kilometers.
2. Delivery cost is Low
3. There are no restrictions on the weight, volume, length of oversized cargo
4. This is the main way to organize transcontinental supplies
5. Percentage of damage/ loss of cargo are low.


1. Time of Delivery is long.
2. Depending on weather conditions.
3. The paperwork is difficult
Cargo handling process is clearly regulated, and different documents are needed in different countries and organizations, sometimes. Sending the oversized cargo sometimes turns into a separate project.
ACEX has an experience of oversized transportation, among them – shipment an industrial line for the production of furniture from Sweden to Lithuania, elements of electric power plant (a 15 m long and weighing 80 tons) from China to the UK, skyscrapers from Vilnius to Stockholm, oil column (100 tons) from Paldiski to St. Petersburg, tower-type grain dryers from the USA to the Krasnoyarsk district.
Scope of the tasks and coherence of the actions of all specialists from different fields of activity, organizations and countries united in the Alliance and the agency network ACEX is impressive in maritime transport.

Details: https://acexgroup.net/en/activity/2142/

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