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ACEX sums up the results of 2017

2017 was a year of converting possibilities into actions for the Alliance. “We have expanded our customer base, increased the turnover, introduced new technological products, developed our office areas, bought new vehicles and increased the number of employees. We have conducted active work with the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, become an authorized member of the Russian Export Centre, participated in a number of events related to introduction of new digital technologies,” ACEX Board Director Miroslav Zolotarev comments. The representatives of the Alliance took part in the international conferences and summits in Malaysia and Vietnam. It has greatly influenced the reputation of the Alliance worldwide. The pinnacle event of 2017 was the joint participation of the Alliance members in the most prominent international logistic exhibition in Munich.
A lot of effort was dedicated to the brand awareness, attraction of new customers and new Alliance members. “We continue cooperation with organizations, networks, associations, councils and alliances. There are NAFL, CPN, CCTT, WIRTSCHAFTSCLUB RUSSLAND, MFA and Supply Chain Professional Board. In 2017 we have signed agreements with 6 partner networks, 7 new companies joined the Alliance among them there are 3 Russian based companies and 4 international,” Inna Vysotskaya, Marketing Director at ACEX Group says.
The outgoing year was marked with changes in the legislation as well. “We’re preparing for the next year and plan to increase the number of employees in the customs clearance department and a number of declarations. We thoroughly study the amendments to the legislation that will come into legal force on Janusry,1,” the head of customs clearance and delivery department at CARGO EXPRESS, Andrey Shvyrev says. Certain amendments were also related to the rules of accounting and taxation. “To tell the truth, 2017 was a stressful year for us especially its second part. But we all did out best to stay updated and attended various seminars, conferences, watched webinars,” Olga Subbotina, chief accountant at ACEX Moscow says.
The changes didn’t leave aside the sphere of railway transportations as well. According to Oleg Degtyarev, CEO at RusTrans one of the most significant events that influenced railway transportation in Russia was the decommissioning of railway gondolas that resulted in the shortage and increase of the prices.
For the foreign members of the Alliance 2017 was marked with improvement of the financial and operational indicators. INGSTAD&CO, ASE Air Sea, AIRON, FANS TRANS noted growth of the export and import, increase of the e-commerce share and consolidation of the market position. “This year we have developed business with Tel Aviv and have a weekly 10 ton flow through China. E-commerce flows increased significantly in 2017,” CEO at FANS TRANS Ken Hui says.
The e-commerce sphere is developed by Boxberry, ACEX member as well. In 2017 they increased the network of the delivery points by 1,5 times, a number of deliveries increased by 86% in comparison with the last year, a new service related to international refunds was introduced.
For ACEX Finland 2017 was marked with decrease in the Russian transit, it pushed the company forward to the re-focus business on new segments. Alliance members are planning to increase the volume of cargo flow and development of the partner relations. Julius Beinoravičius, CEO at Ingstad&Co. says “In the second half of the year we have opened a new department that works with Russia and CIS, actively develops our possibilities and strengthens market position”. ACEX member in Taiwan, ASE Air Sea expands its geography as well. “We have successfully worked with import and export to Europe, Africa, Middle East and India,” Stephen Lee, managing director comments.
AIRON Logistics, ACEX member in Turkey paid attention to the IT sphere in 2017 and they are planning to continue the trend in 2018. “Our aim is to develop our software and give all track and trace and all the system visibility to abroad agents and customers,” Melis Oman, business development director says.
Russian based members of the Alliance continue adding powers and infrastructure development. Byuro perevozok, ACEX Rostov opened a new branch office at the territory of cargo terminal in a new airport Platov, PSG bought a terminal and started its modernization. Apart from growth of the tangible assets the year can be characterized by the improvement of operational indicators and partner relationships. LANKS, ACEX Voronezh developed a new route of cargo delivery to Kaliningrad. They provide this region with the last mile service and VST Logistic have started to work in the direction of Russian-Czech relations. “I have developed several negotiations with representatives of logistic companies at the business form in Yekaterinburg, a lot of them showed great interest in the possible cooperation with the Alliance,” CEO of ACEX Yekaterinburg Vadim Mardanov says.
Speaking about general trends that influence the Russian market of logistic services the development of manufacturing should be noted, “Entrepreneurs are looking for partners for export and import of various products from confectionary to small-sized sea vehicles. That is why in 2018 we can expect substantial improvement in the sphere of services related to organization of commerce,” Andrey Smirnov, CEO of ATL says.
Within the framework of cooperation in the Alliance its members have noticed positive tendencies. “Only growth and development are planned for the next year. Speaking about the state regulation of the logistic sphere in Russia everything is not that easy, but it is not an obstacle. We are moving forward!” Denis Bobrakov, commercial director at BSSS, ACEX Novorossiysk says.
The previous year was not filled with unexpected moments as 2016. Absence of currency fluctuations and radical changes in the legislation and geopolitical situation had a positive effect on the market and gave many companies opportunity to make their market position more solid.
Starting with January, 1 ACEX will expand due to joining of new companies - Shipco Transport (Saint Petersburg), Zenith Carex (Nigeria), Farasoobar Int’l Forwarder & Shipping Agency (Iran), ), AG Global Logistic LTD (Azerbaijan) and Narva Logistics OÜ (Estonia).
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С 19 февраля грузы, отправленные клиентами транспортной компании в Архангельск, Вологду и Череповец, будут приходить до своего получателя в среднем в два раза быстрее.

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В 2017 году логистический оператор перевез на 60 тысяч тонн груза больше, чем было ранее.

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