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ACEX lifehacks. Code of efficient communication with the customer

Every day, sales managers visit hundreds of trainings, listen webinars, attend master classes, and absorb tons of specialized literature with one single goal - to establish effective communication with the client. And in order not to drown in this sea of useful (or useless) information, we found out the main secrets of effective communication with customers from the leading experts in the field of ACEX sales.

Remember about first impression


People tend to form the first impression of a person in just 7 seconds of the meeting, so when establishing a contact – don’t forget to smile. Even when speaking on the phone - do not forget to smile. You don’t have to believe, but people know how to hear a smile!

Keep a positive attitude!

"The main thing in establishing effective and high-quality communication is your inner spirit," says Evgenia Solonichkina, an expert in railway transportation, ACEX Moscow (RusTrans). Try to communicate with clients only when you are in a good mood, be sincere and open to mutually beneficial cooperation. "

Be confident in yourself and your product!

If the manager is confident in himself, in his company, product or services that he offers - it is immediately felt, causes respect and professional attitude from the client.

Never do this

Do not lie!

It's better to give up. If there is a problem with the car, transportation, customs, cargo, which can be solved at its level - it is better not to "load" the customer's problem.

Do not be obtrusive!

"We offered a rate of transportation - wait for two or three days before calling back, and if the client answers what else he thinks - do not press him and bother him with frequent calls," Tatyana Prudyakova, head of foreign trade outsourcing department, ACEX in Samara region (Agency of customs logistics) shares her experience.

Do not lose control over emotions!

Do not use "abusive words" in any case. In dealing with clients, emotions should not prevail over reason.

Do not be distracted while communicating!

Your mobile should be turned off, and the client should feel that all your attention is completely focused on his questions and at the moment you belong to him completely and are interested in his questions and aspirations.

Do not brag!

In no case should not boast of the already available developments, it is better to talk about the existing positive experience and focus on the brightest and professional capabilities of your company.

Do not be lost!

If you do not have a ready answer at once, and then do not be shy or afraid to say that you do not know the answer. It is better to say: "I will clarify this point and answer later." And you need to answer later, be sure! Customers trust your professionalism, and you, in turn, will be assured of their permanence.


Be loyal!

For regular customers, try to maintain the freight rate on the same level for a long time.

Remember about responsibility!

"If you promised to answer or call back at a certain time - be sure to do this, be the master of your word," advises Evgeny Rostopchin, senior business development expert, ACEX Moscow (CARGO EXPRESS). It is important not to delay the response if the client is waiting for it, and always stay in touch. "

Safeguard the reputation of the company

"Be able to bring to the attention of the client the opinion about the decency of your company and, undoubtedly, take pride in it. This will be an excellent basis for working on a mutually beneficial basis and will certainly create a good mood! "- advice from Olga Blagonadezhdina, customer service specialist, ACEX Voronezh (LANKS)

Develop personal communication!

Congratulate clients on holidays - send postcards, call, write - it will be pleasant for you and for them, and do not forget that the beginnings of friendly and positive relations are also very important.

Wish you a success with new customers.

Details: https://acexgroup.net/en/activity/2161/

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