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ACEX about Pros and Cons of the Customs Clearance

The customs clearance in Russia is absolutely regulated; it is easy for professionals working in this sphere. There is nothing to it: settle formalities and follow the professional instructions.

The digitalization in the customs is not a secret. The opportunity of submission of documents and declarations to the federal customs service in electronic format appeared in 2008.

Nowadays, it is available to send through the Internet:

customs declarations;
clearance documents;
supporting documentation;
transit declarations, other reports.
The electronic signature is the instrument of authorization of working with customer’s documents. What is the difference?

The electronic signature of the customer or the customs representative. PROS and CONS

Foreign trade participant always faces a choice – to use the services of the licensed customhouse broker or to contact with companies which can declare goods using customer’s ES without a license. (ES- electronic signature, it was previously known as CGS – computer-generated signature) is the necessary thing nowadays, that authenticates and permanence of the document, that is sent to the Customs.

Let’s think about PROS for each variant:
1. Customs representative’s digital signature:
- There is joint liability of the broker and the customs declarant for the errors that had occurred in the declaring of goods;
- Simplicity of the start of work, you need only the contract;
- Certified specialists;
- The broker has an opportunity to make additional payment to the customs (it is paid back by the customer to the broker).

2. Customer’s digital signature:
- It can help to save up to 5000 rubles from each declaration in the presence of constant amount;
- If goods can be referred to two similar groups of goods with the different rates of the customs payment – the broker always chooses the highest rate of the customs duty.

According to the statistics and our experience, customers who understand the importance of the customs clearance, prefer to work with the customs representative.

Automated processing in 10-15 minutes becomes common practice

Technology moves forward, customs approvals are automated. When declarations are submitted they are unique identification numbers are assigned. “More and more frequently we encounter automated document processing that takes 10-15 minutes form submittal to “document approved, issue cleared status” tells Alexey Lipatov, Head of multimodal department.

Andrey Shvyrev, Head of the Customs clearance department shares his experience, “Many participants in the cross-border activity started to notice that the declaration numbers are being assigned not by common customs inspectors that was usual practice but from the Moscow regional customs office”. You should not fear it, it is how the automated customs declaration assigning and checking processes work.

Work ahead of schedule. Wish to submit preliminary declaration? Easily.

But is it worth ...

«The process of filing a preliminary declaration does not differ from the procedure for filing a standard declaration but is performed in advance in order to speed up customs clearance», tells Natalya Parshina, deputy head of the customs clearance department.

Estimate the pros and cons

- the declaration fixes the required rate;
- the inspector can check the declaration of risks and work out the most part before the arrival of the goods (risk in cost, coordination with the customs departments and others);
- the release period is shortened to several minutes.


- money should be transferred to the customs in advance before the actual arrival of the goods;
- the declaration "hanging" in the submitted beforehand, departments may be interested outside the customs post and include additional risks, request additional documents, meet the cargo with inspection upon the arrival of the car;
- the carrier does not always bring correct invoices, so it is better to always check the documents actually submitted upon arrival and avoid the risks of unreliable declaring.

We recommend using the pre-customs declaration only in case of urgent need, because the interest of the functional departments of customs can cover all the expected pluses. But if the goods are not subject to certification, does not fall into a special risk profile of the customs You should not fear a preliminary declaration.

ACEX has a customs representative's license and experience in processing goods both under its own ES and under the customer's ES. Employees of the company undergo annual training courses and will be able to give the necessary advice on the optimal way of customs clearance.

Details at: https://acexgroup.net/en/activity/2208/

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